Product Release: FrameSaver® FusionFrame®

Reset your expectations when it comes to the performance and quality of maintenance-free door frames with the release of FrameSaver® FusionFrame®. A one-of-a-kind solution, FusionFrame provides the benefits of both all-wood and all-composite exterior frames to exceed the performance of other maintenance-free products. FusionFrame combines Endura’s proven FrameSaver composite technology, a rigid engineered core and a unique laminated composite “skin” to provide unparalleled stability. FusionFrame overcomes the shortcomings of existing composite frames and exceeds what you thought was possible within an exterior frame system.

Key Features and Benefits:
Why FusionFrame? FusionFrame provides features and benefits no composite frame can match. Providing unparalleled stability, product versatility and integrated installation features, FusionFrame is a truly prefinished, maintenance-free door installation system.

  • Structural Integrity: FusionFrame combines a rigid engineered core fingerjointed to a composite bottom, with a composite exterior.
    The result:  FusionFrame is the only composite frame system that has the strength to install like a standard system and remain straight with minimal shimming required. Furthermore, while other composite systems bend and bow in heat and temperature changes, FusionFrame stands strong and straight.
  • Product Versatility: Forget width and profile limitations - with two unique “rippable” frame widths, FusionFrame can be utilized for jamb depths ranging from  4-9/16" – 8-9/16" without any special repair, gluing or sanding. In addition, FusionFrame offers a variety of brickmould options, one-piece mull designs, spread mull capabilities, transom sill solutions and other designs to give you profile interchangeability within one product to fit every application.
  • Integrated Installation Features: With removable jamb stop and brickmould covers, FusionFrame delivers a blemish-free installation of both the jambs and the brickmould. FusionFrame also features depth-adjustable brickmould and a built-in bubble level to help overcome common challenges and deliver a better installation.
For the complete product release, please click here.

If you have any questions or if you are interested in learning more about FusionFrame, please contact us.
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