How French Doors Elevate a Home

Let’s face it: while many homeowners love French door systems, contractors typically feel a bit differently. They’re a pain to install. They’re a pain to maintain - whether it’s ripped astragal boot pads, gaps exposing daylight beneath the system, leaks, finicky operation - installing French door units is easier said than done. 

If you’re a homeowner considering a French door system, the above may be examples your contractor is sharing with you about why you may want to consider going another route. Or perhaps you’re a homeowner who has experienced the frustrations of a leaking French door system. Or who has fought to reach and bend to unlock and lock the bolts of your astragal, or French door lock. French doors can be a pain. But with the right components, they don’t have to be. That’s why we’re so excited for you to partner with Endura Products and provide our customers with their innovative line of French Door Astragals and components. Name the issue, and they’ve worked to create a solution that solves it! Beyond ensuring you’re utilizing the best components possible, here are more reasons to consider a French Door System for your next project:    



They create a seamless transition to outdoor living spaces.

Having a new French door unit does wonders for opening up the home to the rest of the world, allowing the homeowner to open both doors at the same time, extending interior living spaces and flawlessly transitioning to outdoor spaces. Whether enjoying an indoor/outdoor celebration or simply enjoying a beautiful afternoon with family - French door systems help take any experience from ordinary to exceptional. (Plus… being able to open both doors to get that brand new couch or similar into the home is a major perk!)




French doors increase natural light

French doors not only help extend living spaces - they also serve as a giant source of natural light while serving as another entry point to the home. Increasing natural light can help cut back on other lighting sources and help reduce energy usage while enhancing the overall warmth of the room/home. Enjoying that cup of coffee on a sunny morning just got cozier!  




An easy way to increase the home’s value

Most homeowners are renovating their home to add value or are at least considering a home’s resale value when buying the home. French door units are one of the easiest ways to do just that.  A set of French doors leading out to a private master-bedroom patio or leading to a spacious fenced-in backyard will wow potential future homebuyers far more than a single door system or even sliding patio doors.  Little details like this often add far more than their cost in value.



Already have a project and you’re ready to get started with your client’s new exterior French door unit? We have what you need to ensure the french doors they pick are the best they can be!


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