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Better Partnership through Domestic Manufacturing

Passion. Everyone says they have it, but not everyone can deliver. When it comes to exceptional exterior door components and domestic manufacturing, Endura delivers. To your specifications. On time. Every time. As part of our new campaign focusing on the many benefits of partnering with a domestic manufacturer, we’re outlining exactly what that means for you.

Passion by the Numbers

As a starting point, let’s take a look at where we’ve been and where we plan to go from here. Endura is proud to offer:

  • • 65 years of innovation
  • • 16 active patents and counting
  • • Over 750 employees
  • • Facilities in 3 states

To sum it up: we’re here for the long haul — we’re not going anywhere and we are in it to win it, dedicated to supporting not only our own success, but the success of our valued customer partners. As you can tell by these stats, we’re committed to always doing more for our partners, their businesses and the industry as a whole — as well as delivering less where it matters… less time wasted in the shop and field, fewer service calls, and lower costs overall. No matter what, as we grow, we’re growing together.

Powered by Our Employees

Out of all our numbers, the size of our team is the one that brings us the greatest pride. It’s pride backed by the passion, hard work, and creativity of more than 750 American employees from our plants in North Carolina, Texas, and Oregon. Their commitment to excellence powers our business at every level.

Not only does this mean we’re providing over 750 jobs for American families, but we’re building a team where the individuality of each team member is celebrated, and each employee is inspired to come to work every day.

We believe the passion we feel for our products is felt in the hands of each team member that supports the process of domestic manufacturing from beginning to end.

Dedication in the Details

Door components are part of a bigger picture, just like we are part of a bigger picture of our partnership, our industry, and our values. This is why we commit to creating superior products, systems, and processes, providing:

  • • State-of-the-art machinery for enhanced efficiency and production
  • • On-site testing facility
  • • Consistent lead times
  • • Consistent quality & pricing
  • • Products that go beyond the status-quo to solve the industry’s evolving problems

As our President, Bruce Procton, explains: “I happen to think that we can make a difference in what we do, whether it is a door sill, whether it is a door frame… If we can make a positive difference, and if we can translate that message to our customers, that’s what we want to do.”

Hear more from Bruce and other team members in the latest installment of our ongoing video series:

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