Protect Your Home with a Multi-Point Lock System

Are you looking for options that allow you to provide better levels of security in the homes you build?

Security is always a concern for homeowners, and they may not know that they have options. Offer
multi-point lock systems to increase security, boost energy efficiency, and prevent door warping.
What is a multi-point lock?

True to their name, multi-point lock systems contain multiple latches which function as separate deadbolts when engaged. Rather than a single lock located in the center of the door panel, multi-point locks have 3-5 locking points that are routed into the door panel and extend into a jamb or astragal system.

While most multi-point locks include one latch and multiple bolts or hooks, the Trilennium®️ Multi-Point Lock features multiple points that double as deadbolts when engaged. These multiple points provide a better seal against the weatherstrip as an added measure against leaks when the door is closed. When the handle is pushed down to open the door, the latches retract. Each bolt engages even when the lock is not activated, fighting panel warp at all times.

What are the advantages of a multi-point lock system?

Security: Multiple deadbolt points work to prevent break-ins by protecting against deflection and forced entry.

Efficiency: A multi-point seal prevents leaks and drafts, offering savings on monthly energy bills.

Certainty: The multi-point lock aligns the door panel every time it’s engaged, preventing warping and the issues that come with it.

The Trilennium®️ Multi-Point Locking System:

• Runs the full length of the door for added security and stability.
• Has one lock which engages all deadbolts, making it easy to use.
• Has a solid steel construction that stays secure and strengthens the door edge.
• Protects your door from forced entry, extreme wind and pressure, and daily wear and tear.

Backed by the industry’s highest ratings for structural and forced entry performance, the Trilennium Multi-Point Locking Systems provide ultimate protection and peace of mind for homeowners. Learn more about Trilennium Multi-Point Locking Systems today.

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Multi-Point Locks