Stop Paying For Damage & Start Planning Smarter with RDS

You know the drill. You’re on a jobsite, and someone drops a tool or catches their boot on a door sill and damages what was a perfectly good sill deck. It happens all the time, and then what do you do? You saw into the jamb and all but demolish a brand new door system just to replace the sill.

Everytime this happens, you’re wasting:




Plan smarter and build better with the Endura Replaceable Deck Sill(TM) (RDS).


How does a Replaceable Deck Sill fix your door sill woes?

The Replaceable Deck Sill easily accommodates imperfect installation conditions, addresses unlevel openings, and allows you to eliminate time and labor-intensive door system repairs by popping a new sill deck in place over the original substrate. Simply assess the opening and adjust the sill accordingly, all without any extra tools.

Step up your RDS game for the ultimate flexibility and reliability:

• Assess: Don’t worry about getting your hands on a level for this project. With the upgraded RDS, assessing the level of the door opening is almost effortless thanks to the RDS’ built-in bubble level.

• Adjust: The upgraded Replaceable Deck Sill’s built-in, adjustable feet compensate for non-level openings up to ¼”. Making adjustments is even easier with the included adjustment kit.

How does the Replaceable Deck Sill work?

With the Replaceable Deck Sill, you’ll only need three tools for a brand new, damage-free door sill:

• A putty knife

• A rubber mallet

• A block of wood

Now, instead of spending resources deconstructing a door system just to fix a damaged sill,simply replace the sill deck in three quick steps.

  1. BEND: Use the putty knife to bend the front edge of the sill deck away from the substrate.

  2. REMOVE: Slide the deck out and away from the sill.

  3. REPLACE: Place the new deck on the substrate and tap it into place with the mallet and block of wood.

No, really. That’s it. 1-2-3, and you have a secure, flawless door sill again. Without any sawing, measuring, or frustration.

Mistakes, tumbles, and rough job sites are inevitable. There’s simply no avoiding imperfect conditions, dropped hammers, or the dings and dents from rocky terrain and steel toe boots. Stop paying for the inescapable hazards of your job sites and start planning ahead with the Replaceable Deck Sill.

Endura’s Replaceable Deck Sill is a money, labor, and time saver. Check out a product demo and find out how you can streamline your builds and protect your budget with the Replaceable Deck Sill.

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