A letter FroM Bruce Procton, President of Endura Products 


Dear Endura Products partners:


As we all seek some stability while navigating through the tumultuous waters of today's reality, I am often reflecting upon Endura's purpose and our cultural values. "We Improve People's Experience of the World Every Day" takes on a new meaning at a time when "Every Day" brings on a new level of uncertainties and challenges we - and you - have never faced before. This is where our core values are most relevant. "We Care About our Employees and Their Success, and They Care About the Company and its Success" and "Customer Focus is Mandatory" couldn't be more relevant. Thinking about these statements drives every decision Endura's Leadership Team and I are making to keep all of us physically, emotionally and financially healthy and safe.


We are in it together, and it's important that we support each other. At a time when the security of a home plays a big role in our physical and mental health, our and your products are considered essential. As such, it is our goal to continue to provide you with our components and meet your needs and expectations as long as we possibly can.


A part of meeting these expectations is continuously communicating with you about the current state of our operations. Despite increased absenteeism in our manufacturing facilities, we are continuing to process on as much as a "normal" basis as possible. While we are attempting to maintain our capacities and ability to maintain our standard manufacturing lead times, these have been affected. As such, I encourage you to stay in close contact with our sales and customer service staff in order to both receive the most up to date information about the status of your open orders and help us understand the status of your business and product needs.


As always, we are committed to supporting your business, and we appreciate your understanding and patience as we take precautions to protect the health and well-being of our employees, our customers, and our communities.



BP Signature

Bruce Procton
Endura Products