The Best Exterior Door Sills for Every Project: Choose Wisely


Ill-fitting, damaged, and low-quality door sills can undermine an exterior door system’s ability to deflect moisture infiltration, seal gaps, and prevent energy- and comfort-zapping drafts. Installing subpar quality door sills causes these problems and more:
  • - Higher utility bills for homeowners
  • - Damages from moisture and air infiltration
  • - Time-consuming callbacks and unnecessary labor costs for you

Put an end to wasteful processes by investing in the highest quality the industry has to offer. Find the best solutions for your projects from Endura’s selections of door sills and sill systems.


Choose from Endura’s following door sill selection:

  • - Auto-Adjusting Sill Solutions
  • - Adjustable Sill Solutions
  • - ADA Sill Solutions
  • - Outswing Bumper Sills


Auto-Adjusting INSWING Sill Solutions

You’ve heard it before: Work smarter, not harder. It’s commonplace for a reason—it’s solid advice. It’s time to apply that logic to your door sills with the Z-Articulating Cap Sill™. The Z-Articulating Cap Sill (Z-AC) automatically adjusts to save you time and money on labor, maintenance and service calls, and replacement parts.

Endura’s Z-AC is:

  • - Automatic: Z-AC’s spring-loaded cap automatically adjusts up or down to form a tight, durable seal even in difficult installation conditions.

  • - Efficient: Limited labor? Imperfect margins? Missing corner pads? No worries. No nonsense. Z-AC fits every unique opening without the hassle of non-adjustable sills.

  • - Superior: Z-AC has been extensively tested and proven to outlast and outperform other sills.



Our line of adjustable composite and aluminum sills utilize all-synthetic components that protect against discoloration, warping and dents. Integrated seals and standard cap plugs help to further enhance performance while eliminating unsightly screws and maintaining adjustability over time.

Endura’s Adjustable Sills: 

  • - Won't warp or rot. Unlike wood-based sills, our ZAI sills feature a composite substrate that will not warp or rot, eliminating the worries of wood.

  • - Offer Protected Adjustments: cap screw plugs protect adjustment screws from unsightly damage and ensure consistently smooth adjustability over time.

  • - Fight air and water infiltration, with built-in features designed to protect against leaks (with proper sill cap adjustment). 

ADA Sill Solutions

With Endura, ADA compliance no longer means sacrificing superior weathersealing features and door sill quality. Endura designed a dam that offers both unparalleled defense against moisture and air infiltration and ease of entry while meeting the ADA’s height requirements.

Endura’s ADA door sill solutions offer:

    • - All-aluminum construction and unparalleled quality

    • - Secure sealing without forfeiting accessibility

    • - A variety of installation options and flexibility 

Outswing Bumper Sills

Made of all-synthetic materials, the Z-Series Bumper Outswing Sills provide:

  • - Lasting protection against air and water infiltration

  • - Durability even in the harshest temperatures, with an option available for an all-aluminum cap design.

  • - Composite substrate materials that won’t crack, rot, or warp. Ever.

  • - A variety of finishes for every style and budget.



We did say to choose wisely, but with door sills Powered By Endura®, you can’t go wrong.

To provide superior quality door systems and save yourself time, money, and labor, make sure you’re using the best exterior door sills on the market. When you invest in innovative, reliable products from Endura, you’re investing in a smarter partnership that’s better for you and your business.


Contact an Endura representative today to stock up on products that will hold up against the toughest conditions and save you money and energy on fixing products that aren’t worth your time.


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