Solving Common Door System Problems with Endura's Marketing Team

Whether it's drafts from large gaps, rot and leaks from old wood sills, or weatherbeaten, warped door frames, BetterDoor has better door solutions to help solve these issues. Since everyone at Endura, and we do mean everyone, gets extensive product training, our Marketing team tackled a 1968 front door and updated it with all new Endura door components.

Pictured above: The original 1968 door unit. 

The Problems: 

This door wasn’t square with the frame and after several decades of daily use and exposure to the elements, the entire unit was obviously no longer plumb.

Again, another place where drafts and moisture infiltrated this entryway due to damage to the door frame and door sill.

The original wood sill was warped and rotted.

There was a visible gap between the door frame and door panel caused by warping. 


The Solutions

A New Door Panel, Fresh Hinge Prep, and New Weathersealing

Prepping a new door panel with new hinges and fasteners and installing new weatherstrip closed the gap around the top right corner of this unit and created a more effective seal against drafts and moisture. 

Z-Articulating Cap (Z-AC) and Replaceable Deck Sill (RDS)

Together, Endura's Composite Z-Articulating Cap and Replaceable Deck Sill (RDS) guaranteed easy installation, unparalleled protection and performance, and a completely mar-free finish. The Z-AC cap provides a streamlined synthetic cap surface that seals against the bottom of the door and automatically adjusts to various conditions without any manual adjustment. Should the sill become damaged in the future - whether from future construction damage, moving furniture, or the wear and tear of daily use - the sill can be easily replaced in a few minutes.

FrameSaver Exterior Door Frame

A new frame equipped with FrameSaver® was used to replace the warped and rotted wood jamb original to this door system improved the appearance and performance of this door. FrameSaver frames offer the strength and durability of wood with the added protection of composite bottoms to prevent water infiltration, keeping the frames rot-proof for life. 


The best door panels on the market are nothing without quality exterior door components surrounding it. Putting a nice door into a frame that isn’t plumb or square, has rot or thermal damage, and isn’t equipped to stand up against drafts, inclement weather, and harsh climates is going to leave you with disappointed homeowners and loads of unnecessary damage, costly repairs. 

That’s why we’ve made it our business to craft effective, intuitive solutions to the most common problems with entry door systems. Learn more about our products and exterior door frame solutions at