Product Release: The Replaceable Deck Sill

If your customers are paying for costly repairs or replacement of damaged sills, they're paying too much. 
With RDS, you can provide them with a solution and savings.

You provide your customers with quality door units, until they encounter the real world of jobsite damage. Installed door units, and door sills in particular, encounter the harsh conditions of installation and ongoing construction, resulting in dents, paint and stucco damage and sometimes entirely-destroyed sills.

Every option to protect the sill with sill covers, tape or any number of other measures has not worked.

You’ve had nothing else to offer - until now, with the long-awaited release of the Replaceable Deck Sill (RDS) from Endura Products, now available for purchase in all lengths, widths and options. 

real world
The Real World.

SolutionThe Solution.

RDS 2The Replaceable Deck sill.


RDS Features and Benefits

  • Removable Sill Deck: can be removed and replaced in the event that damage to the sill deck should occur.
  • Optional Dunnage Deck and Sill Cap: temporary deck and sill cap can be used during construction and replaced with final components at closing. 
  • Enhanced Finished Flexibility: sill deck and sill cap can be easily replaced should homeowner hardware selections change - whether at closing or down the line.
  • Z-Series Modularity: RDS Sills are interchangeable for easy modifications and retrofitting in the shop and field. 
  • Available for all Single, French, Sidelite and Patio Applications: including a 5-5/8" screen rail option.
  • Available for Inswing and Outswing Systems: supporting Z-Adjustable Inswing, Z-Adjustable Inswing All-Aluminum, Z-Articulating Cap, Z-Articulating Cap All-Aluminum, and Z-Outswing Bumper Sills.
  • Available Widths: 4-9/16", 5-5/8", 6-9/16",  and 7-5/8" 

 If you have any questions or if you are interested in any items outlined above, please contact us.

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