Product Spotlight: Flip Lever Astragal


You’re responsible for installing door systems and building safe, secure homes for your clients, so it’s no wonder you aim to provide the best quality services and products to your customers. The highest quality service starts with selecting the highest quality hardware for each project.

Endura offers seven different astragals with a variety of features to fit every budget and demand. Our selection of double door solutions features the following astragal operating styles:

  • Flip
  • Push
  • Slide

At some point, we’ve all encountered problems with worn out French door components and ill-fitting parts, leading to a door system that isn’t as secure as it could (and should) be. Drafts, leaks, and bug infiltration are commonplace and have been reluctantly accepted as the inevitable drawbacks that come with having French doors. They’re notoriously difficult to seal, and reaching, bending, and security concerns are common concerns for builders and homeowners alike.  

This isn’t acceptable. Your customers deserve better, and you shouldn’t have to choose between building safe homes and building beautiful homes.

If you’re getting callbacks to service issues with French doors, you’re using the wrong astragals. If air, insects, and water infiltration due to reaching, bending, and even flawed installation are the problem, Endura’s French door astragals are the solution.

Ultimate Flip Lever™ Astragal

No Reaching. No Bending. No Callbacks.

User-friendly. Reliable. Maintenance-free. Sound good? We think so, too.

At a glance:

  • One flip of the built-in lever activates both the top and bottom bolts for a secure seal without bending or reaching.
  • Spring-loaded floating boot
  • Pre-installed Simple Solution® Corner Pad and weatherstripping, the Ultimate Flip Lever Astragal also has a full-length sealing fin for ultimate protection.

The easy-to-use flip lever enhances accessibility and prevents reaching and bending typically demanded by old school designs. The Flip Lever latches or releases both top and bottom bolts in one swift motion, making sealing and securing the astragal simple and effective for homeowners.

Reliable, long-lasting performance.

Say goodbye to finicky French doors and callbacks. The Ultimate Flip Lever Astragal’s spring-loaded floating boot and flush bolt system always finds the lowest, most secure point no matter the drill-hole depth. The unbeatable seal keeps out air and water while the flush bolts keep out intruders.

At Endura, we don’t want to be just another supplier of materials, we want to be your partner in this industry and bring you innovative, safe, practical solutions. French doors are notoriously less secure than most exterior door systems, which is why providing customers with reliable, practical solutions like the Ultimate Flip LeverTM Astragal is vital for securing their homes.

Save time, money, and labor by reducing your service calls with French door components that outperform and outlast lower-quality alternatives. 



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