Product Spotlight: Weathersealing Solutions that Outlast & Outperform

Weatherseal your doors systems with materials that work harder and last longer to eliminate the need for costly service calls, repairs, and replacements. Properly weatherized doors will:

  • Prevent drafts and keep your customers comfortable

  • Deflect water and prevent moisture damage

  • Protect the homes you’ve built (and your reputation)

Smart Solutions for Smart Professionals

At Endura, we’re privileged to partner with builders and other industry professionals to record and predict the most common weathersealing issues plaguing builders and homeowners. Homeowners across the US frequently report issues with leaks, drafts, rot, and bug infestations around the following areas:

  • Upper corners

  • Between the door and the jamb

  • Crucial corners

  • Beneath the door

Our valued partnerships have helped us design innovative weathersealing solutions that prevent moisture infiltration, drafts, gaps, and potentially severe door system damage from occurring in the first place. We’ve seen and heard it all, and we’ve designed a solution for anything Mother Nature throws at our exterior door systems.

Corner Pads

The Simple Corner

  • Easy installation

  • Exceptional durability

  • Effective protection

The Simple Corner fits the upper corners of your door system and creates a tighter seal in the upper corners by enhancing the compression between the door and the frame.

The Simple Solution® Corner Pad

  • Unique reversible design

  • Resists tearing and damage

  • Counteracts water infiltration

The Simple Solution® Corner Pad works at the “crucial corners” at the bottom of the door, where water can flow up over the door sill and even the weather strip. With its unique design, this corner pad offers enhanced sealing power, even at wide margins.


Poor weatherstripping puts your project and your reputation on the line. Effectively deflect drafts, water, and bugs with weatherstripping you can rely on by investing in Endura weatherstripping.

Door Bottoms

Choose from our innovative bulb design with a fixed or adjustable sill or the enhanced sealing power of the Z-Articulating Cap Sill™ Door Bottom with our auto-adjusting sill solution, Endura door bottoms outlast and outperform.

Endura door bottoms employ a combination of fins and bulbs specifically crafted to work with Endura sill solutions for proven, unmatched protection against leaks and a larger sealing area.

Double bulb options offer:

  • Compatibility with fixed or adjustable sill systems

  • Flexibility and durability

  • Tight compression and better contact between the door and threshold

Whether you choose a traditional door sweep bottom or one of our hybrid fin and bulb systems, our high-performance, durable door bottoms will keep the indoors in and the outdoors out for the long run.

Save yourself and your customers the hassle of dealing with subpar weathersealing products.

Contact your Endura representative today.

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