Product Update: Z-Series Outswing 2" Extender

Endura Products has redesigned the Z-Series 2" Outswing Extender (ZPWOSXW). The revised product will be available effective immediately as part of a rolling change to deliver improved compatibility and simplified assembly.


  • Easy-Snap Installation: The updated extender profile delivers an easy snap-on installation, (which is especially valuable for sill lengths greater than 6/0).
  • Full-Length Caulking Surface
  • Improved Fit with ZOB Cap: The new design's height better aligns with the Z-Series Outswing Bumper Cap to combat water and weather infiltration from entering the interior of the home.
  • All  Z-Series Sills ordered with 2" Extenders installed will start to see the new design.
    This includes the following sizes:
    • 6-9/16"
    • 6-7/8"
    • 7-5/8"
    • 7-13/16"
  • Loose Extenders will continue to be foamed (shown below) until current inventory is depleted.
New ZOB Cap new copyNew ZOB Extender Design
install copynewNew ZOB Extender Design
New ZOB Extender Installed with Old ZOB CapNew ZOB Extender Design Included on 7-5/8" Sill Old ZOB Cap copy newFoamed ZOB Extender

For the complete product update document, please click here.

If you have any questions or if you are interested in learning more about the Z-Series Outswing 2" Extender Update, please contact us.




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