Product Update: Trilennium® Router Update

Porter-Cable® has discontinued the plunge routers (item #7538 & #7539) that Endura Products previously recommended for use within the Trilennium® Template Systems. These routers had the necessary plunge depth of 3-1/4" to create the deep pockets required for the lock to install and function properly.

Going forward, we are transitioning to the Milwaukee® 5616-24 Router with a modified carrier. This transition requires an update to the Trilennium Router Carrier for both the Full Scope and Reduced Scope Routing Template Systems. The router carrier secures the router into the template and guides it along the door during the routing process.

We will be releasing updated instructional videos covering the setup and routing process with the new router within the next couple of days.

Pricing for the updated Full Scope and Reduced Scope Template Systems, utilizing the new Milwaukee Router, will be consistent with the original Full Scope and Reduced Scope Template systems. Both will remain available for new or replacement needs.

Milwaukee 5616-24 copy 

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