Product Update: Ultimate Slide Bolt Astragal Update


Effective as a rolling change, beginning in late March 2019, Endura Products' Ultimate Slide Bolt Astragal will incorporate a locking feature. Similar to the Ultimate Astragal, locking the astragal can be accomplished by simply rotating a "dial" incorporated into the flush bolt to a horizontal position. 

Features and Benefits:

  • Intuitive Bolt Operation
  • Spring-Loaded Sealing System
  • Enhanced Security: For both inswing and outswing applications, the Slide Bolt cannot be manipulated or otherwise pried upward with the locking feature engaged. Note: Endura Products recommends the use of an Outswing Security Flange on all outswing French Door applications. 
  • Hurricane-Rated Performance: The Slide Bolt Astragal is rated for applications in Florida Wind Zones 1-3 (structural, non-impact, non-HVHZ under the following listings: FL 25610.5 (6/8 doors) FL 25610.6 (for 8/0 doors)). These are component level approvals that need to be matched with existing door unit approvals.
locked Slide Bolt Astragal with Dial_cropped3
Locking Dial Shown in 
"Locked" Position
Locking Dial Shown
in "Unlocked" Position

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