DSC_0058 - 3-11-16 ZAC AA Sill - Bronze

Product Update: Z-Series Lineal 3-11/16" Sill

Endura Products has expanded our offering of 3-11/16" Z-Series Lineal Sills for single and French door applications (ZL3685) with the addition of an
all-composite offering. Previously, the 3-11/16" Z-Series Lineal Sill was listed only with all-aluminum nosing and cap options.

Why choose lineal sills from Endura?
Endura's Z-Series Lineal Sill Platform delivers numerous features and benefits with plenty of widths, lengths, and options to meet your needs:
- Full Caulking Surface: A full continuous composite substrate provides a full-width and full-length caulking surface.
- Infinite Cuttability: Meet your needs and gain ultimate shop efficiency and flexibility with one sill platform.
- No Warping or Rotting: Composite substrate never warps, rots or cracks.
- Infiltration Protection: With a narrow cap design, the door bottom's drip edge deflects water 1/4" in front of the cap.
- High Dam, Integrated Seal: Dual durometer cap seal overlaps the high dam, providing a barrier against air and water.
- Z-Series Modularity: Can easily be converted from inswing to outswing. Interchangeable and repositionable caps make retrofitting in the shop or field a breeze.
- Integrated Thermal Break
- Available Lengths: 2/6, 2/8, 2/10, 3/0, 5/0, 5/4, 6/0

DSC_0055 - 3-11-16 ZAI Sill - Mill Walnut

Z-Series Lineal 3-11/6" Adjustable Cap Sill Platform, Walnut Finish 

DSC_0058 - 3-11-16 ZAC AA Sill - Bronze

Z-Series Lineal 3-11/16" Articulating Cap Sill Platform, Bronze Finish




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