Endura 7-13/16" Sill Transition

Endura Products has expanded our offering of our Z-Series Inswing Sills with a 7-5/8" width. Given all of the appearance, fit and cost benefits to our customers, effective immediately as part of a rolling change, Endura will be transitioning all orders for 7-13/16” Z Series Inswing sills (with the exception of customers utilizing 2" sill deck horns) to the new 7-5/8" platform.

7-13_16 with jamb7-13/16" Sill 7-5_8 with jamb copy7-5/8" Sill

Historically, in an effort to maintain a single inventory of sills used in 2x6 wall construction, Endura supplied our 7-13/16” Z-Series Inswing Sills to customers who did and did not utilize 2” sill horns. In the recent years, 7-5/8" wide sills were made available for a small portion of our offering, including our Replaceable Deck Sill® (RDS™) and Z-Series Outswing Sills. As we received a lot of positive feedback about these additions, the number of customers utilizing 2” horns on the 7-13/16" wide sills continued to decrease, causing the misaligned extended corner of the sill to negatively affect almost the entire Endura sill customer population.
Further, as our sill manufacturing costs have increased, we continued to look for ways to offset any price increases that needed to be passed on to our customers.

Why Transition to 7-5/8"?

To offset pricing increases and provide an improved appearance for customers not offering 2" sill deck horns, Endura will be transitioning our 7-13/16” Z-Series inswing sills to the new 7-5/8" sill width. This transition will allow our customers to take advantage of the new cost-saving solution and improved overall system appearance without negatively impacting customers’ current assembly process. All customer offering 2" sill deck horns can continue to purchase the 7-13/16" sill.

For the complete product release, please click here.

If you have any questions or if you are interested in learning more about this sill transition, please contact us.

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