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French doors are a popular addition to new construction homes because they’re classic and beautiful, but most homeowners worry about how finicky and insecure French doors can be. French door astragals can make or break homeowners’ experience with French doors, so it's vital to install them correctly and use the best available. Use the wrong astragal, and homeowners will be faced with subpar security, drafts, and leaks. Protect your customers, your reputation, and your resources by using astragals that are
user-friendly, budget-friendly, and reliable.

Choosing the right French door astragal can:

  • Reduce your service calls
  • Secure homes against air, water, and bug infiltration, and even burglary
  • Correct errors caused by imperfect installation conditions

Endura offers a wide selection of French door astragals to fit every projects needs, budget, and even their climate.

Ultimate Multi-Point Astragal (MPA)

Our most innovative French door solution, Endura’s Multi-Point Astragal provides superior protection with automatic adjustments. Our Multi-Point Astragal works with any standard hardware and offers the superior protection of a multi-point locking system without the same hefty price tag.

Ultimate Trilennium® Astragal

Made to be compatible with the Trilennium® Multi-Point Locking Systems, this astragal also uses our patented Flip Lever to guarantee it’s both secure and user-friendly. Once locked, the Trilennium bolts latch into the astragal’s reinforced strike plates to pull your French doors into alignment and provide superior protection against the elements and unwanted intruders.

Ultimate Flip Lever Astragal

Featuring spring-loaded bolts and a spring-loaded boot, this astragal securely seals against the door sill and header no matter how deep or shallow the drill holes are or how wear and tear changes the French door system over time. Thanks to the Ultimate Flip LeverTM technology, this French door astragal operates with just one simple flip.

Ultimate Push Button Astragal

The Ultimate Push Button Astragal delivers reliable protection in one cost-effective solution. Auto-locking Flush Bolts are secured in place with just the push of a button and just as easily retracted.

Ultimate Hurricane Astragal

In a sentence: The same operation as Endura’s Ultimate Push Button Astragal with additional design reinforcements and stronger materials. The Ultimate Hurricane Astragal is a must-have for homes in areas prone to severe weather.

Ultimate Slide Bolt Astragal

A standard choice for weather sealing French doors, this astragal is made with a retractable boot that seals the French door system against the elements and prevents damage to the door unit. This astragal is basic, affordable, and durable.

Ultimate Lite Astragal

Our most affordable French door solution is still “Powered By EnduraTM,” so you can trust it to provide unmatched, reliable protection against light, wind, water, and bug infiltration.

Whatever project comes your way, Endura has the astragal that strikes the perfect balance between price, performance, and accessibility for your business and your customers. Protect your reputation, cut back on service calls, and provide the best French door solutions for your clients by partnering with Endura.

Contact your dealer today to get smarter French door solutions.

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