How to Build Better Exterior Door Systems with Endura Products

Building better homes and a better reputation starts with using the right materials. Invest in exterior door components with proven durability and longevity to:

  • Spend less time, money, and labor on service calls

  • Achieve higher customer satisfaction

  • Earn a reputation for superior quality and reliability

Start with the frame.

Endura’s selection of traditional wood or FrameSaver®️ exterior door frame solutions go above and beyond the industry standard to help you provide secure, dependable exterior door systems for your customers and safer, stronger homes.

FrameSaver Exterior Door Frame

Professionals and homeowners alike have trusted FrameSaver’s innovative, rot-proof exterior door frame solutions for over 15 years. FrameSaver is backed by a fully-transferable lifetime limited warranty – but we’re happy to tell you that you’ll never need it. We’ve never had a warranty claim on a FrameSaver product.

Bonus: FrameSaver is also available in a vinyl wrapped option that’s as beautiful as it is functional.

FrameSaver rot-proof exterior door frame technology is available on:

  • Jambs

  • Mulls

  • Brickmould

  • Flat casing

Standard Wood Entry Door Frame Options

All of Endura’s wood frame components are coated with our 180-day primer to give you up to six months before your frames will need a finish coating, which means schedule changes, project interruptions, and other hang ups don’t have to derail your labor and leave you with wasted materials.

Weatherproof it, top to bottom.

Corner Seals

The Simple Corner

  • Simple installation

  • Unparalleled durability

  • Superior protection

The Simple Corner fits the upper corners of your door system and creates a tighter seal in the upper corners by enhancing the compression between the door and the frame.

The Simple Solution® Corner Pad

  • Reversible design

  • Rugged and reliable

  • Moisture-repellant

The Simple Solution® Corner Pad works at the “crucial corners” at the bottom of the door to offer enhanced sealing power, even at wide margins.


Weatherstripping exterior doors systems is one of the easiest, most effective ways to prevent drafts, leaks, and unsightly gaps. Protect the homes you build and keep your customers happy and comfortable with Endura weatherstripping.

Door Bottoms

Endura products ensure a superior protection from water infiltration and drafts around the bottom of your exterior door systems, even in imperfect installation conditions and heavy traffic areas. Endura door bottoms use a combination of fins and bulbs that are compatible with Endura sill solutions to provide a tighter seal across wider margins.

Choose the right sill system.

Powered By Endura® Sills & Sill Systems work to protect homes against air and water infiltration, decrease service calls for you and your team, and increasing efficiency to boost savings for you and your customers. Choose from:

  • Auto-Adjusting Sill Solutions

  • Adjustable Sill Solutions

  • ADA Sill Solutions

  • Outswing Bumper Sills

Lock it up.

Protect what you’ve built with a Trilennium®  Multi-Point Locking System, which:

  • Runs the full length of the door for added security and stability.

  • Has one lock which engages all deadbolts, making it easy to use.

  • Has a solid steel construction that stays secure and strengthens the door edge.

  • Protects the door from forced entry, extreme wind and pressure, and daily wear and tear.

The Trilennium Multi-Point Locking System is backed by the industry’s highest ratings for structural and forced entry performance. Bonus: it’s available in a variety of styles and finishes to suit every customer.

Exterior doors have a big job: to protect the homes you’ve built and the families living in them. Use products that can stand up to the task. For exterior door systems that outperform and outlast industry standards, partner with Endura to provide innovative, reliable door system solutions. 

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