Product Release: The ADAptive Sill Series


As multi-family projects are on the rise, so are the use of ADA-compliant door sills. Current ADA-compliant options may help provide a compliant solution… but they are also all but guaranteed to leak. Beyond that, current offerings provide little to no versatility in the shop. Until now. It's time to expect more from an ADA-compliant sill portfolio... and actually get it. The ADAptive Sill System, Endura’s new product line within the ADA-compliant/multi-family segment delivers.



ADAptive is an ADA-compliant door sill system that does more and goes further, delivering improved performance, unmatched versatility and a simplified assembly. 

  • Unprecedented, DP-Rated Performance. Tired of service calls or door replacement due to leaking ADA-compliant sills? ADAptive addresses infiltration at its most common sources with (i) an innovative jamb boot that supports a weathertight seal and secure corner assembly; and (ii) a full-length caulking strip. ADAptive Sills have achieved DP-20 water performance, becoming the first-ever water-rated ADA-compliant sill system on the market. ADAptive Arrows
  • Simpler Assembly, Fewer SKUs: The ADAptive Sill System covers needs for all applications with fewer SKUs, steps and hassles. In addition to a large base portfolio, ADAptive provides options that can adapt to multiple functions, including reversible jamb and mull boots, a modular single-base design that works with interchangeable standard, tileback and sidelite caps, sill extender compatibility and more.
  • Plus - Aftermarket Options to Cover Even More Needs (Not ADA Compliant): ADAptive offers an aftermarket cap that features a flexible sealing bulb which forms a weathertight seal against the door bottom, as well as a bumper outswing cap that provides the functionality of an outswing bumper sill. Note: These options exceed height restrictions and are not ADA-compliant.


Ready to learn more? Click here for more details or to get in touch with one of our representatives to learn how you can get ADAptive for your next project.



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